Yes, we do deliver your medicine at your door. Pill Team has an express service by which you can track your medicine too. You can do all of it, by our mobile phone app. It is the technology of the new era. So, download our app and sign in, and be a part of Pill Team.
  • Now your medicine is just a Click away
    Now your medicine is just a tap away; you can order your medicine by our app. Technology is revolutionizing health care system in a unique way. It is making the compliance of medicine easier. The relationship between tertiary healthcare professionals has become more stronger. 
  • Could managing cholesterol prevent Alzheimer’s?
    The largest genetic study of Alzheimer’s disease to date finds that a “handful of gene variants” increases some people’s risk of both dementia and cardiovascular disease. The findings imply that, in principle, we may be able to repurpose some cardiovascular drugs to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease The research team used “large genome-wide association studies and validated tools” to examine the DNA of over 1.5 million people. Specifically, the team examined the differences in the DNA of people who had risk factors for heart disease, such as a high body mass index (BMI), type 2 diabetes, and […]
  • Human Race & Aging
    One of the top questions now a day is, how to stay younger or avoid the aging process. Scientists are researching every day to find out this secret of nature. Oxidants are the cause of aging of the human body. Aging of the human body causes the quality of lifestyle; which appears in the form of different diseases. Most prominently, the heart, liver, digestive tract, respiratory system, and skeletal muscle effect worse by aging. We can delay the aging process by making some modifications in lifestyle. Besides social life, professional stress and psychological tensions, we can avoid aging by eating […]